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Building Lullaboo: Magical Places for Storytime

We already introduced you to some of the critters in Lullaboo, so now it's time to tell you a little about some of the wonderful places that exist in this magical land.

Two weeks ago, our Executive Creative Director and former Walt Disney Imagineer, Brian Collins, introduced us to some of the characters who live in the ‘Snorbleverse.’

If you were paying attention, you’ll remember meeting the Bi-Bobbing Bobbers (Bye Bob-ING Bobb-urs), Cuddlephins (Kuddel-FINS), Eluphunts (EL-Eww-Fonts), Poolar Bears (POOL-er Bears), Snorclepines (Snor-CULL-Pines), and Wiggly Woos (Wig-Lee-Woos). And you’ll have learned to say “Hello” and “Goodbye” in the Lullaboo language. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Don’t worry, the answer is at the end of this blog.

Of course, their introduction naturally leads to the question: where do these characters live within Lullaboo?

So, in this second part of his insight into Lullaboo, Brian takes us on a tour to some of the fantastical places where Snorble and friends live and play.

Image contains an illustration of the Dreamy Savanna, a place in Lullaboo that contains grassy spaces, trees, and the Rainbow River.

The Dreamy Savanna (DREAM-ee Suh-Van-Ah)

Located within the central portion of Lullaboo, the Dreamy Savanna is a very popular and large area that is home to not only many creatures, but some small villages as well. Known for its large soft grassy fields, the Dreamy Savanna is a favorite place for picnics and other fun activities and festivals. In some areas, you will often see patches of tall, yellow grasses with their feathery tops waving in the breeze. Elluphunts love to come to the Dreamy Savanna so they can safely dance without knocking anything over.

The Fantastic Fruit-Filled Forest (Fan-Tas-Tick FROOT Filled For-ist)

Taking its name from the incredibly diverse amount of colorful fruits found there, the Fantastic Fruit-Filled Forest is a large area within the central portion of Lullaboo that borders the Dreamy Savanna. Green trees, winding pathways, and, of course, all sorts of delicious, healthy fruits can be found here. When Snorbles and other residents of Lullaboo are looking for delicious healthy snacks, they head to the Fantastic Fruit-Filled Forest. The sweetest and best sounding Jingle Berries in all of Lullaboo can be found here.


Shimmering Sandy Seashore (Shim-er-ING SAN-dee SEEShor)

One of the prettiest beaches in Lullaboo, it’s known for its wide sandy shores that sparkle like fairy dust in the afternoon sun. On any given day, you can find plenty of fun at the Shimmering Sandy Seashore, located on the eastern border of Lullaboo. It is also one of the best places to watch the Cuddlephins romp and play offshore. The sand itself is super soft and Snorbles can often be found doing their own version of yoga all along the beach, especially in the mornings and early evenings. The Shimmering Sandy Seashore is also home to Lullaboo’s annual sand sculpting contest!

Very Veggie Valley (Ver-ee VEGG-ee Vall-ee)

While the Fantastic Fruit-Filled Forest is known for its sweet fruits, the Very Veggie Valley contains some of the most delicious vegetables in all of Lullaboo. The Very Veggie Valley is rather large and contains a wide variety of Lullaboo’s most sought-after veggies. It’s quite colorful because of this. The Snorbles often set up a farmer’s market on the weekends, which attracts Lullaboo’s residents from far and wide.

Yeek Creek (Yeak CREAK)

Although it is named as a creek, it is actually one of the longer rivers found in Lullaboo, Yeek Creek meanders through many stunning landscapes and feeds into Xy High Falls. Unlike Rainbow River, whose water shines with all the colors of the rainbow as it flows along, Yeek Creek actually changes colors. One day it might look green, the next day purple, and the next day red. Yeek Creek gives off a soft glow at night, in whatever color it happens to be.

We can’t wait to have you explore the most magical place built on the dreams of children: Lullaboo! Whether sharing stories with Snorble, practicing some yoga or meditation exercises, or following along on our website, you’ll be hearing a lot more about this special place over the next few months! 

Zoogle zoogle! (Good bye!)


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