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Yoga for Kids

Interested in introducing your kid(s) to yoga? There are plenty of reasons why it's a good idea, and we've got tips on how to make it happen.

For years now, yoga has been gaining in popularity with adults, but did you know that many parents are now introducing their children to yoga too? Given the benefits of yoga, it's not surprising that this is happening! Yoga not only improves physical health by introducing stretching, bending, and breathing exercises, but it also improves one’s mental health as well. Yoga requires a degree of focus and calm for one to get the full benefits. For these reasons, Snorble® includes a variety of yoga exercises designed for children by our yoga expert, Sheryne Glicksman.

Many parents are curious when to introduce yoga to their little ones, and the answer is—it’s never too early. While infants and young children may not be able to master the Downward Dog pose, there are plenty of proven methods that can be used to help them become familiar with different routines. These start with simply having your baby in the same room with you if you practice yoga techniques. As they start to get older, toddlers can be encouraged to mimic your poses, although don’t expect them to really get it right! The key at this stage is to start them with easy variations of the movements, and above all, make it fun! For example, rather than expecting a perfect Warrior or Tree pose, have your kids reach high to the sky for some Flutterflies that are flying by. With some imagination and creativity, they’ll be off to a good start!

As children get older and become more disciplined, you’ll want to teach them to breathe properly and start to help them refine their poses. Breathing is especially important in yoga and a great way to introduce proper techniques is starting with some mindfulness exercises, as described in our earlier blog. Sharing yoga time with your kids is a great way to have fun and bond with them while encouraging healthy habits. For those who have trouble staying focused and concentrating, yoga can often help in this area too. But be warned, children tend to be incredibly flexible, and you might just find your young student out-doing you in a Killer Praying Mantis or Fallen Angel pose before long!

For more information on how to introduce yoga to your child, and suggestions on different poses, please visit our Pinterest board.


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