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Building Lullaboo: A Place for Children's Dreams

We've already told you a bit about the land of Lullaboo, but now it's time we introduce some of its adorable residents!

While our little buddy Snorble® quite rightly receives the most attention around here, did you know there is also an entire ‘Snorbleverse’ that is just waiting to be discovered? It’s the land of Lullaboo, a magical place that Snorble and their friends call home.

You see, in order to build a true land of dreams, our creative team, led by Brian Collins, has been hard at work filling Lullaboo with adorable critters and fantastic places. Brian is a former Walt Disney Imagineer whose talents you’ll have already appreciated if you’ve ever become enthralled and captivated by some of the world-famous Disney theme park rides that bear his signature imagination.

In the first of two parts that will feature in our weekly blog, Brian gives us a peek behind the curtain to discover some of the wonderful creations his team has developed. This week, we meet some of the residents of Lullaboo.

Lullaboo’s Critters: Your Child’s New Bedtime Buddies

Bi-Bobbing Bobbers (Bye Bob-ING Bobb-urs)

Bi-Bobbing Bobbers live in many of the rivers found in Lullaboo. They received their name because while they spend a good deal of time floating on the surface of the water, they occasionally will “bob” under the surface two times, one right after the other.

Young Bi-Bobbing Bobbers are about the size of a golf ball, but adults can grow as large as a baseball. They are mostly round with large round eyes

Typically found in groups, but not always. Bi-Bobbing Bobbers sound like the common bullfrog.

A Cuddlephin, one of the many residents of Lullaboo.

Cuddlephins (Kuddel-FINS)

Found in all of Lullaboo’s oceans, the best place to observe Cuddlephins is just offshore of the Shimmering Sandy Seashore.

They are playful aquatic creatures, similar to dolphins. They have larger heads which gracefully taper off into their body. Cuddlephins have beautiful round eyes and a cute little pinkish nose. They come in a variety of colors.

Cuddlephins like to travel in packs and are very playful creatures. They love to be cuddled by Snorbles and other creatures, hence their name.

Eluphunts (EL-Eww-Fonts)

Eluphunts are some of the largest creatures in Lullaboo. The footprints they leave behind make the shape of a four-leaf clover. It’s said to be lucky to step inside an Eluphunt’s footprint.

Since Eluphunts are rather large, they spend their days roaming the lovely lands of Lullaboo. They love being around water and their trunks can slurp it up by the gallons. Sometimes they’ll spray it like a fountain, making loads of fun for the Snorbles on a hot summer day. Eluphunts can sleep anywhere and any which way, including standing up, sitting down, or lying on their backs. They love naps and stories, and they remember everything.

Eluphunts are quite gentle, but so large they can’t help but bumble sometimes. They are easily embarrassed and have feelings as big as their bodies—when they’re sad, their trunk droops, and when they’re happy, it wiggles. You can often find them dancing in the Dreamy Savanna.

Poolar Bears (POOL-er Bears)

Poolar Bears are some of the most chill animals in Lullaboo! They love hanging out on floaties in the water and wearing colorful shirts and flip-flops. You can find them relaxing in the sunniest places in Lullaboo, or, of course, around a swimming pool. They also are quite at home in the northern Cold Lands.

While they are large white animals, similar to Polar Bears, Poolar Bears have a much more distinctive look. Their eyes can be any number of bright rainbow colors.

Poolar Bears bring much warmth to all of Lullaboo! Their Iridescent Igloos are some of the largest and prettiest to be found in Lullaboo’s Cold Lands. And, by the way, they always seem to have the coolest sunglasses.

Snorclepines (Snor-CULL-Pines)

Snorclepines are cute creatures, about the size of your head. Snorclepines are soft, fluffy, and round. Their tiny feathers look sharp, but give them a touch and they’re actually very soft. They have tiny feet and large noses! The Dreamy Savanna is one of the Snorclepine’s favorite places to play because it has the softest grass in all of Lullaboo.

Snorclepines come in brown, green, and blue. Snorclepines have an extra special relationship with rainbows and when they find their own extra special one, they get their mystical rainbow fur that can change any color they imagine!

They sure like to snuggle, as most from Lullaboo do. Tickle their belly, and they’ll smile at you!

Wiggly Woos (Wig-Lee-Woos)

Wiggly Woos are spotted hedgehog-like creatures with slender bodies. They live and thrive in an underground maze of tunnels, mostly in the soft ground found in the Mushroom Meadows. You can often spot a hole in the ground that the Wiggly Woos have dug so they can on occasion come to the surface to explore and enjoy what they call “the outer land” of Lullaboo.

Wiggly Woos have large eyes that help them see underground. Their long claws, while not particularly sharp, help them dig and they have a nose that lights up so they can see better in the dark tunnels.

Some of the tunnels that Wiggly Woos have formed over the years are so large that they have created beautiful caverns which are popular to visit. They are a noble community of hard workers always in search of food, including their favorite snack, the roots of Moss Daisies.

Mother reading to two children with Snorble®.

Of course, that’s just a sample of the many critters that live in Lullaboo. We look forward to introducing you to more of Lullaboo’s residents through our stories and other adventures that will support Snorble as we continue to create an engaging and supportive companion for your children and you.

As we say in Lullaboo, “Zoogle zoogle!” (Good bye!)


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