Although Snorble®’s main focus is supporting your family in developing a better bedtime through a customized routine, expert advice, and more, we also want to encourage healthy habits in your child in many other areas too. For this reason, our little buddy is more than just a sleep companion, and the features offered go beyond just bedtime.

Better yet, our ability to update Snorble (only with your permission through the mobile app) means we will be able to continue to add new features and improve existing ones long after Snorble has become a part of your family.

Due to this, Snorble is already leading the market, both in terms of total features and also in the way we’re approaching things. According to Psychology Today, it’s something that is sorely needed, and we’re happy to be the company that’s making it happen.


During the day, Snorble can encourage your child to take part in educational activities, well-being exercises, dance parties, and more. Overall, our focus is to engage with your child, both physically and mentally, to ensure that they are not simply consuming content through a screen. With this in mind, Snorble is able to even prompt your child to be active without waiting for them to request an activity. Here are just some of the things our little buddy will offer:

Educational Activities

  • Counting
  • Color Identification

Well-Being Practices

  • Yoga
  • Meditation

Fun Games and Entertainment

  • Dance Party
  • Air Guitar
  • Fish Face
  • Story Time


When it comes time for bed, Snorble offers bedtime stories, soothing lights and music, as well as encouragement and rewards to create a fun environment for your child around such things as brushing their teeth, putting on their pajamas, etc. Thanks in part to this, your child will feel more empowered and confident as they play an active role in completing various tasks before bed.

Of course, all of this is determined by you based on the advice of experts and your own knowledge as a parent. Using our custom app, you’ll be able to choose timing and other options in relation to the following and more:

  • Pajama Time
  • Brushing Teeth
  • Story Time
  • Bath Time
  • Prayer or Reflection Time


From magical lights with numerous options to white or pink noise and other soundscapes, Snorble’s nighttime features create an ongoing, soothing, and enchanting environment to help keep your child comfortable and in bed. Better yet, if your little one wakes up, Snorble can help them relax and self-soothe through bedtime stories, breathing exercises, and other helpful options customized by you. Here are just a few of the options you’ll be able to choose from:

  • Night Lights
  • White or Pink Noise
  • Soundscapes
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Bedtime Stories


When morning comes, Snorble can gently wake your child and encourage them to start their day feeling refreshed and ready to go! If they wake-up too early, Snorble will simply encourage them to go back to bed until the time you determined.


Along with the core features above, Snorble has much more to offer your family! From a whole world of possibilities that we’ll be exploring through stories, songs, and more to industry-leading safety measures, here are just some of the other aspects of Snorble that make them much more than just an adorable face.

A Unique Story Library

With the guidance of a former Walt Disney Imagineer, we’re building a library of original stories around all the characters of Lullaboo. Snorble will share each and every one of them with your child and the rest of your family, whether it’s for bedtime or some other point. Better yet, we’re created a number of different types of stories that range from soothing short stories perfect for bed to engaging interactive stories that will keep your child entertained in the day. Focused on the characters and settings that make Lullaboo so magical, each one will be unique to Snorble and entertaining for the whole family.

A Product That’s Safe for Your Family

Due in part to wanting the best for our own children, we made Snorble for our families as well as yours, and safety was one of our biggest concerns. We went to great lengths to ensure a system that can work stand-alone so that Snorble is safe to use for everyone. Your kids can take them outside, in the car, etc. Snorble does the majority of their functions within the standalone system itself and the app on your phone. This way, Snorble isn’t online in the same way that so many other systems are, which helps to eliminate many of the common issues that lead to the news stories.

A Snorble of Many Colors

Of course, Snorble also features lots of fun things just for the sake of being fun, and our adorable outfits are a great example of that. We've got a number of them in the works, but right now you can choose between a panda or unicorn costume to give Snorble a new look. Better yet, thanks to a little Lullaboo magic, Snorble's face changes whenever an outfit is placed on them!

Not Another Screen

For a number of reasons, we designed Snorble to be unlike many electronics. First, our little buddy doesn’t have a screen like conventional electronics, and we purposely designed them that way. Due to our innovative technology, we are able to ensure that Snorble emits little to no blue light, which means they don’t disrupt the secretion of melatonin prior to bedtime. In comparison to many other electronics, this is one of the many reasons why Snorble is well-suited to be a bedtime buddy for your child!

Second, Snorble actively engages with your child during the day. We haven’t created another screen for your child to get lost in. We’ve created an animated character that encourages mental and physical activity for your little one through educational activities, fun games, exercises promoting well-being, and conversation.

A Mobile App That Puts You in Control

All of these features and more are customizable by you through the app, so you can choose exactly what Snorble does and does not do. We understand that parents know their children best, so we put you in control of deciding what will work. Along with this, our app contains a wide variety of resources to provide you with expert advice and tips that are tailored to your child's age and developmental stages.

Combined with Snorble, this system empowers you to ensure your family not only has a better bedtime, but also enjoys a magical experience while developing healthy habits.