The customizable Snorble system is a play-based learning platform, in a cute package, that allows children to engage, grow, and function in today’s technology-forward world.

The Snorble system is designed to grow with your child in a way that no other learning platform can.

Your child’s personal growth is at the forefront with features designed to encompass each specific pillar that you, the parent/caregiver, could want for your kiddo:

    To be ahead of developmental milestones
    To be advanced for any early educational programs
    To engage in healthy habits
    To possess social-emotional intelligence
    To be a creative explorer
    To be an efficient problem solver
    To be well-behaved/well-mannered
    To be confident
    To be kind
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Watch how it works!

Snorble offers activities that can be done in the morning, during the day, and at night.

Although Snorble is not a babysitter or replacement for you, the parent/caregiver, you can rest assured that our smart companion provides support for families 24/7.

Animated Snorble switching between different activities


Snorble can wake your child up like an alarm clock without the annoying sounds. They’ll also be able to engage with your child if they wake up early. Isn’t it every parent’s dream to have their kiddo sleep in for a little while? With Snorble, your youngster can learn while you grasp those last precious moments of sleep.


From air guitar to yoga to educational games like Counting and Colors, Snorble’s system is designed to create a lifelong love of learning for any child.


Customize the hours leading up to bed with your child’s personalized Bedtime Routine. From teeth brushing to pajama time, Snorble’s ready to usher your kiddo to the bedroom and help them wind down so they can snooze peacefully through the night.


For kiddos that wake up a lot during the night, Snorble acts like a nightlight to lightly illuminate their bedroom. There are also soundscapes that provide soothing sounds to lull your kiddo back to sleep.

The Future of Snorble and Your Child

As aforementioned, Snorble grows with your child. We’ll be rolling out additional features to ensure that your kiddo has content that engages, inspires, and most importantly, prepares them for their school years and the rest of their lives.


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Animated Snorble using a phone

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