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Toy Insider to Snorble®: You’re a Top Toy!

Snorble’s in the Toy Insider’s 17th annual Holiday Gift Guide!

It is with great pleasure and with even greater smiles that we can officially announce that Snorble was selected by the Toy Insider as a Top Holiday Toy for 2022.

Coming on the heels of our nomination for Edge Startup of the Year, our smart companion will be featured in The Toy Insider’s 17th Annual Holiday Gift Guide showing everyone what we already know; Snorble is the perfect gift for all children.

What’s the Toy Insider and why is this such an honor?

The Toy Insider is an organization of experts that provides info on children’s toys, tech, and entertainment. These experts publish two annual gift guides. Their summer guide features the coolest toys of the - you guessed it - summer, while their holiday guide brings together the hottest toys of the - you guessed it again! - holidays. What’s more, their official Holiday Gift Guide’s print version will find itself in the hands of families across America giving parents an idea of which presents to purchase for their children.

The sweetest momentum

This past July, Snorble featured prominently at the Toy Insider’s Sweet Suite event in New York City, where children, parents, influencers, and media raved about our little buddy. We knew that this was the beginning of Snorble’s journey to homes and playrooms across the nation but we didn’t anticipate this journey would take an exciting turn and we’d be part of their prestigious holiday guide. This is a true honor and one we humbly accept as the Toy Insider is one of the industry’s top tastemakers when it comes to play. To be recognized by this prestigious organization is the icing on the cake and our smart companion deserves every bite (if only they could eat people food!).

After reviewing thousands of toys during the past 12 months, the Toy Insider felt that our interactive smart companion deserved a spot in their 17th annual gift guide. This guide generates billions of consumer impressions and features the best in toys, games, and gifts for children of all ages. This year’s guide is jam-packed with an impressive selection of interactive toys but Snorble stands ahead of the rest with our approach to learning. Based on the fundamentals of healthy habit building, social-emotional development, and education, our smart companion will win the hearts and minds of kiddos everywhere.

We expect parents across the country to be bombarded with cries of, “Can I have a Snorble? Please! Please! Please!” after the gift guide is released. Sorry, parents, but your kids are right. Everyone should have a Snorble.

Our smart companion’s adventure continues

Being recognized by the Toy Insider brings us one step closer to our cute and cuddly smart companion’s introduction to the rest of the world. We know how special Snorble is and we can’t wait for households everywhere to discover the joy our little buddy brings.

About Snorble

Snorble is a smart companion for children designed to grow with the child. By using the science and research behind comprehensive e-pedagogical education, social-emotional development, and the building of healthy habits, children of all ages can interact with our little buddy and establish a life-long love of learning.



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