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Will Snorble® be the Edge Startup of the Year?

We've been recognized as a finalist for Startup of the Year by Edge Computing World, and we're super excited to be considered amongst so many other great startups.

On our journey to change the landscape of how children develop through learning, we’ve had interest from big players in both the tech and toy industries. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been selected as a finalist for The Edge Startup of the Year Award from Edge Computing World.

We hope to have an opportunity to bring our smart companion to Silicon Valley for Snorble® to participate in the Edge Startup of the Year showcase in the Edge Exhibition on October 10th-12th. Edge Computing World’s unique gathering of executives and stakeholders from diverse groups aims to future-proof the internet and how consumers engage with the online world. Our smart buddy for children will create a better educational experience that marries cutting-edge digital tech with proven psychological and all-encompassing learning techniques.

As a finalist, we couldn’t be happier about Snorble and our system’s recognition from a prestigious organization like Edge Computing World. Finding ourselves amongst Chief Technology Officers and CEOs from NASA, Taco Bell, and Plasma Water - to name a few- allows us to put another feather in Snorble’s tiny little cap.

A Giant Step for Our Little Buddy

With this recognition, we’re breaking barriers in the computing space as the only learning-based AI for children on the list of Startup of the Year finalists. We feel like our little buddy is going to make a huge impact like previous award-winners and micro-cloud platforms Praxtexo and Mutable.

Our CEO, Mike Rizkalla, summed up our excitement perfectly when he said, “To be considered for an award like this lets us know we’re one step closer to having the rest of the world love Snorble as much as we do.

“Edge devices speak to other devices without being in the cloud and Snorble is the realization of that premise, while creating an experience that has never been seen before.”

About Edge Computing World

Edge Computing World is an elite series of events for the edge computing space. Recognized for bringing together the entire edge market, the events aim to foster learning and networking within the landscape of internet technology. The edge computing community is transforming how data is analyzed, stored, and transported to ensure that consumers' proprietary information isn’t left vulnerable to outside parties.

About Snorble

Snorble is a smart companion for children that uses the best in parenting, psychology, and educational tools to equip youngsters with the necessary skills to excel throughout their lives. From bedtime routines to counting games, Snorble provides a holistic approach to social-emotional learning. By combining the pillars of education with the psychology behind how a child develops, we are first-in-market to provide a product that grows with the child. Snorble is a long-term investment for parents and caregivers that gives kids the ability to learn through play.


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