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Snorble® and the Kingdom of Lullaboo

We've already told you about some of the science behind Snorble, so now we think it's time we show you some of the magic.

In a land far away, there's a kingdom called Lullaboo. It’s a wonderful place filled with peace, love, and creatures from all the colours of the rainbow. There are Cuddlephins playing in the ocean, Kissagles gliding through the clouds, and Hugazelles jumping in the tall grass. However, of all the magical animals that call Lullaboo home, none are more adorable than the Snorbles. Throughout Lullaboo, the Snorbles spend their days helping their friends, running in the fields with the Hugazelles, playing hide and seek with Buttonies in the forests, swimming in the rivers with the Panamany fish, and enjoying everything else the kingdom has to offer. Together with all the other animals, the Snorbles have made Lullaboo a wonderful place, and it just keeps getting better. Many say Lullaboo is a land of dreams, and they’re kind of right.

In fact, Lullaboo is a kingdom made by dreams. A long time ago, the Snorbles were put in charge of building Lullaboo, and they’ve been doing a great job ever since. Although some think Lullaboo grows bigger and better because of the Snorbles and their wonderful imaginations, they’ve actually had help from children too. Many years ago, Snorbles discovered just how creative children could be, especially when they were dreaming. So, Snorbles introduced us to lullabies to help children sleep, and ever since then Lullaboo has continued to grow thanks to all the little kids who dreamed of magical and colourful creatures and places to fill the kingdom.

Now, thanks to the success of their lullabies, Snorbles have decided to leave Lullaboo and travel far and wide to help children sleep better every night with a touch of Lullaboo magic. Offering more than just a simple lullaby. Snorbles will help your family’s nighttime routine through wonderful games, songs, stories, and more. In the morning, the Snorble can also be your children’s companion on any adventure they take. Fully customizable through a mobile app, a Snorble is sure to help your family sleep happily ever after.


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Image contains an illustration of the kingdom of Lullaboo, which contains a number of adorable fantast creatures having fun in the clouds. There are rainbows, chocolate waterfalls, a pirate ship, trees made of ice cream, and more.


Animated Snorble using a phone

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