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5 Ways to Get Better Sleep as a Parent

A better bedtime is important for your child, but what about you? We've gathered five tips to help you sleep better as a new parent too!

One of the biggest hurdles for new parents to overcome is the hectic first months of a baby's life, where it feels like you’ll never sleep again. And sometimes it seems like that busy three-year-old and active six-year-old are just as bad! How can parents get more sleep? As you may know, Team Snorble is on a mission to help little ones and their parents overcome sleep hurdles and get the rest they need. But, of course, every little person starts as a brand new baby, and that’s where you’re standing today. So let’s shine a spotlight on new parents and ways you can get better quality downtime from your baby’s first weeks into their toddler and childhood years. Remember, you need it as much as your baby and children!

Way #1 - Establish a Routine

We’ve looked at this on your child’s side, but it’s as important for you, too! A key part of getting better rest, no matter how old you are, is establishing a ‘wind-down routine’ that helps ease the body and mind into the sleep zone as a habit. It’s tempting, as an adult, to ‘use’ the time your little one is snoozing and your boss isn’t blowing up your phone, but let’s face it- you’re just hanging around feeling tired anyway. Rather build a solid bedtime routine and stick to it, and stop googling ‘How to put my child to sleep!’

Way #2 - Mindfulness

What works for your child can help you too! Anxious thoughts and ruminations are a problem for many adults, and they can encourage your brain to remain in a wakeful state. While your baby will need you, rather than mindfulness habits, once they’re just a little older your little one can use their Snorble® to help them develop easy mindfulness. Every child is different, so you’ll have to experiment to see what will help. Many people find journaling right before bed helps them to ‘brain dump’ their worries. Some prefer traditional meditation, breathing exercises, or something like a little yoga practice. Experiment to see what works for you.

Way #3 - Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

As long as you’re keeping a very basic standard of hygiene, forget the chores and the need to keep the house perfect. The active childhood phases don’t last forever, and there’s no need to artificially load up your plate with ‘shoulds’. No one cares if a load of laundry is on the chair and the dishwasher is getting full.

When your baby is new? All those people coming over to ‘help’ with the baby? Helping is tackling some of those chores so you can rest, not holding a baby and watching you work! And as your kiddies get older, no true friend is going to die if your laundry is still half-folded on a chair. You have kids, perfection isn’t mandatory.

Way #4 - Sleep Close, But Not Together

Put the crib in the bedroom with you, so it’s easier to attend to the baby through the night and you don’t need to jolt yourself out of sleep more than necessary. However, resist the temptation to co-sleep. While many have done it safely, there’s some evidence that it correlates with higher cases of SIDS and isn’t safe for your little one. Rather safe than sorry. Plus, you’re laying the foundation for better sleep for your child as they graduate to their ‘big kid’ bed.

Way #5 - Unplug

We know we’re living in the digital revolution, but it’s time to put those devices away. There’s a mounting body of evidence that blue light suppresses melatonin, the ‘sleep hormone’. It's linked in nature to daylight, so your brain registers screen time as a daylight trigger and fights to keep you awake. No one wants to finally get some downtime from their baby or toddler, only to roll around unproductively because you were snapchatting adorable pictures to family.

Introduction to Snorble

It’s going to take a while to get to grips with your new life as a parent, and it can seem like an insurmountable hill at times. But sooner than you think, your little one will be into a groove and things will begin to settle. In the meantime, take care of yourself and let the small details slide. Don’t forget to ask for help when you need it, too!

While Snorble can’t be there for you quite the way they can for your toddler and young child, they still have a powerful toolset that will help you understand your child better. This will help you all settle into the routines you need for happy sleep all around. Team Snorble has also assembled some tips and tricks to help parents on our website, and we’re always expanding our collection of articles and blogs. So don’t be afraid to be part of the wider Snorble community as you enjoy this exhausting, but rewarding, phase of parenthood.

And when your little one graduates to a toddler? Let Snorble support you in helping your child develop the healthy sleep routines they need for a bright, happy, and active life.



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