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5 Sleep Remedies for Kids

If your little one is having issues sleeping through the night, then we've got some great suggestions on how your family can have a better bedtime.

Is your little one struggling to get to sleep? Whether your child has a diagnosis like ADHD, or is just naturally active and struggles to settle at night, help is at hand. Team Snorble has gathered together five sleep remedies for kids that will help your child develop happy, healthy sleep routines for life.

Remedy Tip #1 - White or Pink Noise

White noise is a soothing random continuous signal. Pink noise is a deeper frequency with some specific characteristics we won’t get into, but it’s found in a lot of ‘biological noise’ like rustling leaves and raindrops.

Providing a low-key background noise on a soothing frequency to encourage the brain to slow down and stop whirling thoughts is one of the best natural sleep remedies for kids, who are often slightly on the hyper side compared to adult insomniacs.

Remedy Tip #2 - A Snack that Increases Melatonin

Melatonin is sometimes called the ‘sleep hormone’. It signals to the body that night has come and it’s time to sleep. While adults can safely use melatonin supplements to help regulate their sleep cycle, that’s not recommended for little ones.

Instead, a melatonin-promoting snack an hour before bed is one of the best home remedies to help kids sleep. Pair it with tip #4 for the best results!

Healthy melatonin-containing snacks include bananas, eggs, milk, and nuts. For more adventurous children, goji berries and tart cherries also help.

Remedy Tip #3 - Meditation

Science is fast realizing that mindfulness techniques can help calm racing minds and relieve a cranky mood. This doesn’t mean meditation like it's stereotyped on TV, either. Meditation means paying attention to the current moment, without intrusive worries about the past and future.

Some simple mindfulness exercises for kids can include sitting together or counting your breaths. You can also get them to focus on an image of something fun, and describe the scene to you.

Snorble® also has some age-appropriate mindfulness suggestions to make, and you can learn more about them with the app and here on our website. Mindfulness is a life-long skill for kids that will pay dividends for years, as it teaches them a way to handle stress and be their best.

Remedy Tip #4 - A Warm Bath

This natural sleep aid for kids may need some trial-and-error. Too hot baths can be very stimulating, and may even wake up a tired child. However, a warm and soothing bath, especially if you add a few drops of sleep-promoting essential oils like lavender, can help soothe worries and relax tired bodies. In turn, it starts to settle the mind to sleep. Of course, in cold climates or winter, it also makes sure your little one doesn’t have trouble regulating their temperature, preventing them from lying awake cold. 

Having a warm bath also serves as a checkpoint in the evening. Over time, their developing minds will start to recognize this as a sleep cue. This gives them vital routine and structure, and helps them build- and stick to- a sleep schedule.

Remedy Tip #5 - Limit Distractions

‘Sleep Hygiene’ is a very important life skill. One key concept is where you teach your brain to relax and drift to sleep by keeping a calm, quiet bedroom that’s used only for sleep. Teaching good sleep hygiene early is the best sleep aid for kids you can give them.

Although even our kids are used to having endless gadgets at their fingertips, instill ‘quiet time’ an hour before bed for reading, chatting, and internet-free, calming play. Then make sure the child’s bedroom is quiet, soothing, and peaceful, with limited distractions to stimulate them back to wakefulness.

That’s where Snorble has your back!

Introduction to Snorble

Don’t just imagine a better bedtime- experience it! Snorble is an interactive animated character brought to life to engage and capture a child’s imagination, while helping them develop healthy habits and improve their bedtime routine. By gamifying the sleep experience, Snorble teaches your little ones healthy sleep habits that will help them for a lifetime. 

Snorble supports your child in learning self-soothing mindfulness practices, and engages their mind in an age-appropriate, fun way. Soothing sounds and comforting low light keep them engaged after you leave for the evening, without stimulating them too much to rest. 

Snorble also helps your child wake up at just the right time for their needs. The associated app keeps you, the parent, fully informed about your little one’s sleep needs and habits too. Powered with the latest sleep research, it will also help you stay on top of your family’s sleep needs at every life stage. 

Snorble is the magic snuggle buddy that will become your child’s best friend- all while helping them get to sleep and stay there. If you’d like to get your Snorble today, preorder now.



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