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Touchdown Snorble® | Joining Sleep and Sports on Twitter

Our little buddy recently discovered American football, and they took to Twitter to share their excitement about the NFL's opening game.

Sleep and sports. The two don’t usually go together, do they?

But last Thursday night, sleep and sports became one when Snorble® discovered the NFL. As Tom Brady and the defending Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Dallas Cowboys 31-29, Snorble joined in the fun on social media.

As Team Snorble expands its reach beyond the traditional areas of focus associated with sleep, healthy habits, parenting, and technology, we experimented on Twitter to integrate our interactive buddy with the opening game of the new 2021 NFL season. We set two members of our creative team, Dan and Molly, the task of having Snorble mimic officials’ signals with a series of GIFs.

Snorble was impressed by the NFL. Snorble enjoyed watching football! So much so that when the Bucs went ahead early as Chris Godwin reeled in a five-yard pass from Brady, Snorble yelled (and tweeted) “Touchdown!” to the Twitterverse.

A similar reaction greeted CeeDee Lamb’s tying score for the Cowboys and before you knew it, Snorble was celebrating another touchdown and even the occasional first down as the two teams put up 37 points in the first half.

Now why are we doing this? Well, if we make a sweeping assumption that a lot of dads are watching NFL games on TV while also monitoring social media on a second screen, there’s a captive audience out there we can penetrate. The NFL actually boasts the closest male to female ratio among North American sports fans, with a reported 60 to 40 split, so we know we’re reaching moms too. Snorble is family-focused, so that’s a perfect combination.

Snorble didn’t take sides last week (although the Team Snorble staffer hitting ‘Tweet’ at the appropriate time on Snorble’s behalf did grow up a Cowboys fan), choosing instead to cheer for both Tom Brady and Dak Prescott when they were under center.

Comments on the game were non-partisan, focusing instead on suggesting that watching the game while also trying to make sure children stay in bed without interrupting the action would be easier with Snorble’s support.

Along similar lines, Snorble also asked:

Snorble will be watching and posting during future NFL games, though these Thursday and Monday Night Football kickoff times are way past Snorble’s bedtime. So, since we know that healthy habits include heads on pillows at a much more reasonable hour, most tweets will be posted on Sunday afternoons.

Please engage with Snorble when you see football-related GIFs pop up on our Twitter feed and feel free to celebrate your team’s touchdowns.

And remember, if you have Snorble in your home, you’re less likely to have to miss the action while ensuring your kids have remained tucked in bed.



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