The #BestBedtimeBluff Giveaway

#BestBedtimeBluff Giveaway


After the success of our first giveaway, we're back with another one!

This time around, we want to know the best excuse your child has tried to avoid going to bed. We know one of the times kids are most creative is when they're trying to avoid bedtime, and we bet you've got some great stories to tell.

So, what's your child's best bedtime bluff?

Let us know through the platform above, and you could win a $100 Target gift card.

Note: Only submissions made through the contest platform above will be considered. Comments on the blog are not considered entries. This giveaway is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Target, Facebook, or any other social media platform. It is open only to residents of the United States of America, and all entries must be received before December 17, 2020 at 9:00AM EST. Winner will be chosen by random through our giveaway platform.

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My grandaughter lives with me i raise her and shes 3. She tell me she cant sleep because she has bad dreams,so i sit with her and right when i think shes asleep she calls me and says grandma i forgot to tell you i love you so much.,i respond with i love you more now sleep princess, then shes tells me she need a little bit of light with her music then calls to give me a goodnight kiss one more time till she finally falls fast asleep. She does this routine evey night .

Daisy gomez

How much for it.

Deidra Sommerville

My daughter’s main excuse to go to bed is she wants hugs or she doesn’t feel good when she’s fine until bedtime

Susana Montoya

My daughter is 11 yrs old, and she always tries to get extra time to finish watching her anime episode.The other day I catch her, putting a new episode.While telling me her video was over.So I went and unplugged the internet connector.It was funny washing her face all surprise…lol.

Sandra Wilson

My daughters use to say one more story please with puppy dog eyes. It get me every time.

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