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Talking Parenting, Robotics, and More With Snorble's CEO

Curious to learn more about Snorble®? Find out from the man himself, Mike Rizkalla, in our podcast roundup.

Every member of Team Snorble will tell you the same thing: when the opportunity to work with Snorble® Co-Founder and CEO Mike Rizkalla on his latest project came their way, they eagerly jumped on board.

Mike’s the boss, of course, but his daily interactions with the team charged with bringing our interactive children’s buddy to life are pretty much always engaging and enjoyable.

Now, we can tell you that and hope that you believe us, or, thanks to the wonderful world of podcasting, you can decide for yourselves.

Mike has been a guest on a handful of podcasts that our PR team determined would suit his easygoing demeanor while explaining the appeal of Snorble and his logic and inspiration behind creating our little buddy.

With that in mind, here are three podcasts featuring Mike that we feel are well worth a listen:

Professor Game


Living The Dream with DJ Curveball

Harvest Growth


And it doesn’t end here. Mike will be a guest on more podcasts as we continue this journey with Snorble. Look out for links to those insights through our social media platforms in the future!


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