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Snorble Launches Toddler Wrestling Entertainment

We know the bedtime battles can be tough, and that's why we've decided to at least make them entertaining with the launch of Toddler Wrestling Entertainment!

FRIDAY, APRIL 1, 2022 - LULLABOO, NY - Ambitious startup Snorble Incorporated is today pleased to announce a significant addition to its focus on supporting families in developing healthy habits by bringing sports entertainment into the mix.

“While working on Snorble®, our engaging and intelligent buddy that promotes healthy habits and bedtime routines, I realized I would have to be a fool to not see a clear opportunity that was in front of me,” explains Snorble CEO, Mike Rizkalla. “Every parent (and caregiver) knows that bedtime is the time when a child is at their most rambunctious, and it just so happens to be prime time for television too.”

Recognizing this perfect tag team of toddler energy and peak audience numbers, Toddler Wrestling Entertainment (TWE) was born. With Snorble as the title sponsor, the 2022 TWE season will begin later this year and will be overseen by Commissioner Flora Lopis.

“I’ve spent years fighting with my two kids to get them into bed, and even though Snorble is a great solution to do just that, I realized the real winning solution is to let them burn off all that energy in the ring,” Mike added. “After talking to a number of other parents, I know I’m not alone, and now we’re looking to enlist even more toddlers in what we hope will be a global spectacle.”

Although this isn’t the first new business opportunity to spin-off from Snorble after Mike started working on the idea in 2019, he feels this will be the one to take the championship belt in the end.

As for who his money is on for winning the TWE belt later this year?

“Oh, I could never pick a favorite between my two children,” says Mike. “I’ve fought with them for so many nights that I know they can’t be beat. So, my money is on both of them to win in the end, and I can’t wait to see it happen!”

For parents convinced that their child can win based on their own bedtime battles, Mike and his team hope to open the application process soon. Keep an eye on our website for updates on just when that will happen.


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