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Snorble Incorporated Prepares to Launch Lullaboo™ Studios

As we continue to work on creating magical experiences for children and your entire family, we're excited to announce our newest venture: Lullaboo Studios.

Snorble Incorporated is preparing to launch Lullaboo Studios, an initiative that will merge the art of content creation and storytelling with the latest developments in technology to produce stories that transcend devices and time.

Once the world has been introduced to Snorble® - an engaging and intelligent buddy that helps children and families develop healthy habits and bedtime routines – Lullaboo Studios will be established to reimagine the world of storytelling.

To realize the vision of this unique and progressive platform, Snorble has paired former Showtime and Warner Bros. executive Donald Buckley with Snorble Animation Director Daniel Luke to serve as co-Heads of Lullaboo Studios.

Photo of Donald Buckley, Co-Head of Lullaboo Studios and former Showtime and Warner Bros. executive.

Donald Buckley, Lullaboo Studios Co-Head

“Everything at Snorble stems from a central font of goodness, which is all incredibly appealing,” said Buckley, who was a founder of Warner Bros. Online, one of the first original digital content players to emerge from a major studio.

“To have a blank canvas on which to build a groundbreaking studio is a mouthwatering prospect. I am thrilled to have begun working with Dan and his creative team. Everything about the concept of Lullaboo is very positive; the methodology, the sentiments, the guiding principles if you like. I think people will be blown away with the projects we have in development, the perfect union of great storytelling and technology.”

As Chief Marketing Officer of Showtime Networks Inc., Buckley oversaw the network’s marketing, distribution and subscriber acquisition marketing partnerships, special features programming, creative advertising and digital media divisions, branding, promotions, media, CRM/analytics and marketing operations for the network. He led campaigns for Homeland, Billions, Shameless, The Circus, Ray Donovan, Twin Peaks, The Chi, Dexter, City on a Hill, Showtime Sports, and Showtime Documentary Films.

Photo of Daniel Luke, Co-Head of Lullaboo Studios and former Animation Supervisor for Teen Titans Go! show and movie.

Daniel Luke, Lullaboo Studios Co-Head

Co-Head of Lullaboo Studios, Dan has spent the past decade working in children’s television and was the Animation Supervisor for the Teen Titans Go series and movie. He hails from Clifton Springs, Australia, and has been based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, since 2012. He loves creating things that put a smile on people’s faces, whether that’s through animation, music, puppets, or some mashup of other things he can do.

“The appeal of Lullaboo Studios is that we are genuinely creating content that upholds the principles of Snorble; doing good from the inside out and establishing family values,” said Dan, who leads the organization’s creative team of animators. “We know that people are going to love Snorble, so we know they’ll love the experiences we’re building at Lullaboo Studios.

“Don brings a wealth of experience regarding the business elements of running a successful studio, while my specialty is on the creative side, so we’re an ideal combination and we’re collaborating incredibly well so far. We both have a keen eye for what makes a great story and the discussions we’ve had to lay the foundations for Lullaboo Studios have been inspiring.”

Snorble Co-Founder and CEO Mike Rizkalla said of establishing the studio: “We have emphasized since the beginning of this project that we aspire to nurture the development of children by unlocking a limitless world of creativity and imagination, and that is precisely our goal for Lullaboo Studios.

“Don has an industry track record of establishing literally hundreds of household movies and television brands that are the epitome of entertainment, so it is a real coup for our team. Pairing him with the creative genius of Dan is going to set a new standard in visual storytelling through Lullaboo Studios.”

Buckely previously served as Showtime’s Senior Vice President, Digital Media and created and led the cross-disciplinary marketing organization that launched Showtime’s Streaming OTT service, designed its strategic positioning, and helped drive its subscriber growth beyond launch projections. Among the hundreds of Warner Bros. movies released during Buckley's tenure were the Oceans 11, The Matrix, Harry Potter, and The Dark Knight franchises. Buckley is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and serves as Media and Entertainment Industry Advisor for the Open Voice Network, which promotes and fosters creative, privacy, security and interoperability standards in emerging conversational AI, voice assistant platforms, and custom voice applications. Buckley also serves on the board of the Experience Center of the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Snorble Incorporated now boasts a team that includes proven leaders in animation, storytelling, entertainment, child development, product engineering, voice recognition, AI, software engineering, design, marketing, and retail sales.


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