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Snorble Incorporated Names Board of Directors

We've got an amazing team working on Snorble®, and now we've got a great group of leaders set to preside over the well-being and management of the company too.

Visionary entrepreneurs from the worlds of innovation, education, technology, finance, and cybersecurity have been appointed to the Board of Directors of Snorble Incorporated.

Snorble is poised to launch its flagship product, an engaging and intelligent buddy that will nurture the development of children by unlocking a limitless world of creativity and imagination and define the future of storytelling. Snorble® helps children and families develop healthy habits and bedtime routines through an experience that has never been seen before.

New Jersey-based firm GK Venture Partners, which has made a $10m investment in Snorble, will appoint two additional board members. Serving as Board Observers will be Phillip Salmon, Chief Executive Officer of GKVP, and Snorble Head of Integrated Platforms and Experiences, Patrick Wesonga.

“As we prepare to send Snorble out into the world, we are delighted to have such accomplished business leaders join our founders to preside over the well-being and management of our company,” said Snorble CEO Mike Rizkalla.

Snorble Board of Directors

Todd Feinman is an entrepreneur and globally recognized creative thought leader, who holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Harvard Business School and Bachelor of Science from Lehigh University.

Todd boasts more than 25 years of experience in rapidly growing revenue and scaling businesses, making him uniquely positioned to run high growth technology-focused businesses. He is an internationally recognized security expert, entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He was a Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he spent a decade leading various divisions of their information security consulting practice and creating their business model for cybersecurity.

Steve Chambers, who is currently an Ed.L.D. doctoral candidate at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, has more than 25 years of high-tech CEO, sales, and marketing experience.

As President of Nuance Communications, the global leader in voice recognition and artificial intelligence solutions, Steve was responsible for revenue generation rising from millions to billions. He led a $2.1b revenue operation while negotiating deals with Apple, Samsung, Google, Amazon, Mercedes, Ford, Toyota, Bank of America, Federal Express, and Verizon, as well as other leading global organizations. Steve has led both start-ups and large tech company operations and serves as CMO of Sense, Inc., named by VentureBeat in 2019 as one of the world’s top 100 artificial intelligence companies.

Mike Rizkalla is the CEO and co-founder of Snorble. Mike is an award-winning creative leader in the technology / robotics industry with experience in organizations ranging from startup to $75M global businesses, with proven performance managing revenue goals up to $10M, operational budgets of up to $16M, and capital expense budgets of up to $2.5M. He is a capable mentor with a track record of attracting, recruiting, and advising teams.

Doug Hughes, after two decades of building innovative technologies for education, became the CEO of Encoura in 2020. Previously, Doug served as CEO of Surgarai, Inc., a medical technology startup, and as chief product officer at Knewton, recently acquired by Wiley. Prior to that, Doug spent 17 years at McGraw-Hill Education, in various senior leadership roles including chief sales officer, director of digital partnerships, and executive brand manager.

Howard Thaw has a background in computer science, a medical postgrad, numerous company exits, a commercial pilot’s license, and even a few patents. During his career, he has founded startups and worked with many others to build or turnaround companies, develop new technologies, resolve conflicts, and serve on public and private boards. Thanks to this, Howard is capable of seeing any situation from take-off to landing.

Snorble Board Observers

Phillip Salmon is the Chief Executive Officer of GK Venture Partners. His impressive resume includes leadership roles in both the for profit and nonprofit sectors. Phillip was CFO of a charter school as well as VP of Corporate Development, and Mergers and Acquisitions at MetLife. While there he participated in several major acquisitions. In the earlier part of his career, Phillip rose through the ranks in several Fortune 500 companies from Senior Auditor to Vice President of Investment Banking. Phillip is a CPA and holds a BA in Accounting from Franklin & Marshall College and an MBA in Finance from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.

Patrick Wesonga is an accomplished tech professional with almost 15 years of experience delivering experiences across a variety of industries. He combines entrepreneurial hustle, startup grit, and just the right amount of corporate sophistication to build remarkable mobile, web, and custom hardware products.

Snorble Board of Directors

Todd Feinman
Steve Chambers
Mike Rizkalla
Doug Hughes
Howard Thaw

Board Observers

Phillip Salmon
Patrick Wesonga


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