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Snorble® Celebrates Baby Sleep Day

As a company that believes strongly in the importance of sleep, we think it's a great idea to celebrate Baby Sleep Day and bring attention to the topic.

It’s Baby Sleep Day, so everyone at Snorble Inc is celebrating. But shush – don’t wake the baby.

The flagship product from Snorble Inc is a lovable and huggable character that aims to create a calmer night for everyone in the home, while helping children and families develop healthy sleep habits and better bedtime routines.

Snorble® is the brainchild of Co-Founder and CEO Mike Rizkalla, who when regularly roused from his slumber in the early hours of the morning by his restless infant son, searched for "How to get my toddler to sleep" and found zero holistic and innovative solutions among 180 million internet results. And so, Snorble was born.

“Today is promoted as Baby Sleep Day by the Pediatric Sleep Council, which is a great way to raise awareness of how important it is for babies, and, of course, toddlers and young children to sleep through the night,” said Mike.

“As a company, we challenged our innovative team to address the issue of children not sleeping, which can be very troubling for parents. So, we are completely aligned with this day of supporting families and recognizing this important area of infant wellness. We look forward to playing our part in being an ongoing resource for families who dream of a peaceful night’s rest when Snorble is available this summer.”

About Baby Sleep Day

Baby Sleep Day brings attention to the importance of a good night’s sleep for every young child and their family. The Pediatric Sleep Council, a team of international pediatric sleep experts, organizes Baby Sleep Day, which is recognized annually on March 1.


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