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Now on Indiegogo InDemand

Due to popular demand, Snorble® is now available through Indiegogo InDemand.

When we last wrote to you about Indiegogo, our campaign was set to end. Now, we’re happy to say that we’ve decided to continue to offer a chance to preorder Snorble® through Indiegogo InDemand. We had such a great response from so many people that we decided we didn’t want to stop. Plus, truth be told, our little buddy is really excited to meet families and the more people they can bring a better bedtime to, the better!

So, if you haven’t already invited Snorble to meet your family, you can still do so on our Indiegogo page.

Speaking of doing things, if you haven't already weighed-in on our story poll, feel free to add your voice over on our Facebook page!

Hope all is well,

Team Snorble


Animated Snorble using a phone

Limited quantities available.

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