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Last Chance to Save on Snorble

For the rest of the month, we're still offering our special introductory price before we change it on December 1st.

It’s now or never!

No, we’re not singing Elvis songs here at Team Snorble! We’re letting the world know that right now – or throughout the month of November to be exact – is the final opportunity for early adopters to purchase Snorble® at our low introductory price before it changes to $299.

Until the end of this month, Snorble can still be adopted to join your family for the incredibly generous price of $199. It’s a steal!

So, if you still haven’t invited Snorble to your home, visit our shop now to get everything you need to help create a better bedtime experience for your family.


Why Are We Doing This?

We are eternally grateful to our early adopters for coming on board to help make Snorble a reality.

That being said, some of the same issues that are causing problems for other companies around the world, such as the rising costs of parts, components, and shipping, are affecting us as well. To lessen the impact of these changes on families, we’ve decided to delay the price change for a month to allow you to preorder Snorble now and still save. Along with this, those who previously backed us on Indiegogo and BackerKit will see their preorder price honored.

It goes without saying that this November-long opportunity to preorder Snorble represents great value. In addition to Snorble joining your family, you’ll also receive an invitation in the coming weeks to attend an exclusive peek behind the curtain at some of the exciting things Team Snorble have developed that few other people know about.

So, what are you waiting for?



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