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Building a Better Snorble® for a Better Bedtime

When we launched our Indiegogo earlier this year, we knew Snorble would be great. Now, we knew they're even exceeding our expectations and we want to tell you why.

Having shared some of our team’s personal stories and explored the land of Lullaboo through a new series of blog posts in recent weeks, we thought it was time to share some of the specs and unique features that we’ve added since first debuting Snorble® on Indiegogo.

While we can’t give away all our secrets, we can share some of the features unique to Snorble that have been created by our fantastic and imaginative team. More importantly, we can tell you how this translates to your family having an even better experience with our little buddy.

Image contains a table with the technical specifications for Snorble®. Within the table, it says "Device name - Snorble, Processor - Quad core, Dual band - 802.11b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth - 5.0, Dimensions - 9.5" x 9.5" x 11", Power - Dual 18650 lithium-ion batteries, Charging - AC wall adapter".

A Story Library Like No Other

As parents ourselves, we know how important story time is for your little one, but we also know how repetitive it can be to read the same story every single night. It’s partially due to this that our team developed a language called “SMaLL” that allows our creative team to write stories that have endless variations to ensure both your child and you are entertained each time.

Along with this, we’ve also developed a way for our team to incorporate lights and sounds into the various experiences that Snorble offers, which means that our stories and other things go beyond Snorble simply reading and provide an immersive experience that is unparalleled.

Now Faster Than Your Toddler

Of course, all of this wouldn’t be possible without some serious computing power behind Snorble, and we’re happy to say that we’re now actually going to be using a quad-core processor to run everything. Compared to the original single-core processor we had planned, this upgrade (at no extra cost for you) will mean that Snorble can engage with your child in a more natural way while also being able to keep up with even the most energetic of little ones.

Speaking of keeping-up with your child, each one of our little buddies will be powered by the same batteries that are used by Tesla. Smart charge technology for rapid charging will ensure a full day of regular usage before Snorble will need to return home to their Lullapod to charge.

When Snorble isn’t charging, your child will be able to pick up and interact with Snorble in a variety of ways. Thanks to our design, which encompasses full body capacitive sensing and an ambient light sensor, Snorble will know whether they’re being hugged, patted, or just lightly touched. They will also be able to distinguish between different people and react accordingly. If they sense that the mood is right, they can even strike-up a dance party or tell a knock-knock joke.

Image contains a photo of the custom projector made for Snorble, a sleep robot for children.

Photo: Internal view of Snorble's custom projector, which allows us to filter wavelengths harmful to sleep.

Whether happy, sad, sleepy, or a number of other states, Snorble will come to life thanks to our custom projector that can display more than 200 lumens of brightness. It is controlled by an auto-brightness control, and also allows us to filter blue light and eliminate harmful wavelengths, unlike typical screens used in other devices.

In terms of talking, Snorble will engage with your child through dual output audio, which includes a resonance chamber that enhances the clarity of Snorble’s voice. We’ve also developed an automatic sound cancellation feature that allows Snorble to filter out background and surround noise to focus on the voice of the person interacting with them. Custom on-device language processing will ensure Snorble seamlessly recognizes individual voices when responding during conversations. 

To add a whole other level to our animated buddy, if you’ve purchased one of the fun outfits Snorble wears to change character from a panda to a unicorn, RFID sensors will automatically detect the different outfits and trigger an immediate switch of personality.

You’re Still in Control

As we’ve promised from the start, you (and any other caregiver you assign) will be in control of this experience through a mobile app that allows you to customize a wide variety of the features to meet your family’s needs.

Image contains a photo of two Snorbles undergoing testing at an engineering lab.

Photo: Snorble being tested at an engineering lab.

The app and Snorble will connect via Bluetooth 5, a new wireless standard that brings a greater range, higher speeds, and more broadcasting capacity than its predecessors. And the implementation of end-to-end encryption will ensure that your data cannot be read or modified by others. Along with this, Snorble will utilize edge-based computing, which removes the need to send your data to the cloud, while ensuring your family has the engaging and dynamic experience we’ve outlined above. While we’re talking safety, Snorble exceeds required ASTM test standards.

When our CEO invented Snorble with his Co-Founder, they both had a great vision for just what could be accomplished. However, even they are surprised at just how far our little buddy has come and some of the incredible things our team has developed.

We hope you feel the same, and we look forward to having Snorble meet your little one!



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