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A Magical Unboxing Experience With Snorble

The magical experience we're creating for families goes well beyond Snorble®, and it even includes the packaging that our little buddy will arrive in, which will be like nothing you've ever seen.

There’s packaging, and then there’s packaging Snorble®-style.

Our Engineering and Manufacturing Lead Steve Hecker, CEO Mike Rizkalla, and Executive Creative Director Brian Collins met up in Colorado recently and, during a creative session, came up with the idea to create new packaging for Snorble.

The old packaging was nice and fun and ready to go, but if you bring naturally creative people together, they get restless.

The result: an unboxing experience like no other.

Image contains a photo of three men looking at the camera while the one closest to the camera holds a cardboard box under his arm.

Not content to simply ship Snorble in a standard delivery box likely to be torn apart by excited children, Mike, Steve, and Brian completely reinvented the way that Snorble will be delivered to homes. They created a unique and exciting travel package for our interactive buddy that has never been seen before. Out went the original packaging, and in came the new: bolder and better!

The company we’re working with told us they honestly had never worked on a package as interesting as this one in all their years in the industry. So, we know we’ve got something great, and we can’t wait to see the faces of kids (and adults) when they open it!

Now, you might be reading this blog thinking “Well, show us the packaging then,” but we want to save the whole unboxing experience for when Snorble arrives. It will be worth capturing on video and posting to social media to excite and impress, or simply saving so you can say to your kids one day: ”Hey, remember how excited you were when Snorble emerged from that incredible packaging?”

So, we’re not going to give it all away right now. We’re just going to tease you with a photo of the very first cut of the new packaging, which evolved into something truly magical.

If you want your family to share the experience, now is a great time to preorder our little buddy! Until the end of this month, our special introductory price of $199 is still available. After November, Snorble will be available for $299, so act now!



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