Join us for this limited opportunity to impact the future of our children.

As a parent and child development expert, Snorble is the best tool I've seen to help parents with bedtime. Snorble can soothe children with bedtime stories and soundscapes, while gently reinforcing bedtime routines. And that's just the tip of the iceberg of what Snorble can do. This is a brilliant sleep solution for children!"

— Carla Taylor-Pla, M.S.J., MBA

  • Shipping in Q1 of next year, Snorble already has hundreds of thousands in presales.
  • Widespread coverage from media and influencers, both during their public appearance in New York City and since the company’s launch.
  • Backed by industry leaders, educational experts, and families.
  • Investment from both Venture Capital and Private Equity firms.
  • Over 80% of parents surveyed viewed Snorble as desirable at the current price point.
  • Considered the Connected Toy of the Year by industry insiders.

The company is rich with good people driven to do good things.

With 50% of the team having personally invested capital when given the option, they believe in what they’re doing and are committed to ensuring they succeed. Additionally, their board of experts consists of PhDs from Stanford and Harvard, and one of Steve Jobs’ former advisers collectively working toward the betterment of children’s future.

"I have been advising robot ventures from Europe, Asia, and North and South America interested in learning now for a decade and, truthfully, this was even at first sight my favorite, both for what it offers to children and parents, but more so for the wonderful world of learning that their offering allows children to enter. They are the best thing in this space, EVER."

— Michael Carter, PhD, Former Director of Education Research for Apple

From VCs to families, everyone is falling in love with this smart companion!

Take a minute to see why.

I believe Snorble will positively impact families, and I’m sure you feel the same.

If so, I’d love to talk with you about the rare opportunity that is being offered before the company launches their Series A.

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