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Rooted in expert research and the real insight of parents, Snorble serves families through engaging stories and games, mindfulness exercises, tailored bedtime routines, and more.

Rooted in expert research and the real insight of parents, Snorble serves families through engaging stories and games, mindfulness exercises, tailored bedtime routines, and more.

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Are you concerned with whether or not your child is getting what they need to thrive?


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Snorble supports you with tools and features to be confident that your child is thriving.

As parents, we always want the best for our kids:

Are they getting enough...?
Are they being supported...?
Do they have what they need...?

Meet Snorble through the video below, and you’ll see the positive impact the system can have on your family.

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An Expert-Driven System

As parents, we’re constantly being told we’re doing it wrong. However, we know that the best approach for your family is the one that you set-up. The Snorble system gives you access to top-notch advice and allows you to implement what’s best for your child and your family.


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Customized by You

With Snorble, you control the experience. We know every kid is different, and you know what your little one needs best. So, the Snorble system supports your kid in achieving specific milestones (both daytime and bedtime) based on a learning program that is tailored by you.

Mother reading to kids with Snorble

Snorble Features are Based on a Foundation of Play

By focusing on play and making things fun, kids fall in love with Snorble. Due to this, they participate in the things that help them develop.

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~ Making Healthy Habits Fun with a Focus on Sleep

Sleep is foundational to health. It is the backbone to establishing healthy routines, and is paramount to the development of your child. Establishing these habits will help your child throughout their lifetime, which is why we focused on it as a primary offering from Snorble.

~ You’re in Control, Even When You’re Not There

Consistency is paramount for good routines and healthy habits. Whether it’s your partner, family, or babysitter, Snorble ensures your child’s routines are uniform across your whole village.

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~ No Additional Fees or Subscriptions Necessary

While we have experiences that will be for purchase, Snorble is amazing out of the box. Our marketplace and app subscription are optional.

~ Not a Solo Experience, Unlike a Phone

Instead of a heads down experience on a tablet or a phone, Snorble creates an experience that is shared by the family. We promote laughter, games, and fun for everyone, while ensuring that what Snorble delivers is for the betterment of your child.

Dad and son with Snorble
Illustration of Snorble on top of a hill

~ Snorble Works Out of the Box, and Offline

We went to great lengths to ensure a system that can work stand-alone so that Snorble is safe to use for everyone. Your kids can take them outside, in the car, etc. They only need to connect to the Internet for updates and training, which is done only after you approve it.

~ Our Own Proprietary Rewards System

Through our custom system, Snorble celebrates every win when it comes to your child’s development and helps them get excited about taking those big steps. This encouragement helps kids grow at their own pace while keeping track of everything important for you.

Graphic of Snorble reward badges and stages

Experts Love Snorble

"Based on my experience, I can confidently state that Snorble has the capacity to revolutionize the bedtime experience for children and parents."

— Heather Modlin, PhD.

"My daughter has APD and sleep is always an issue. She is 6 and obsessed with robots almost as much as she is cats. Wish it was coming sooner!!!!"

— Rachel T., Parent

Parents Love Snorble

Kids Love Snorble

"[They are] telling me stories about rainbows in my dream!"

— Katie's daughter, Almost 4-years-old

A System That Keeps Evolving with Your Child

We will be continually developing new routines, games, stories, learning tools, and other features, both in our marketplace and as updates, to benefit your child and you. Thanks to this, Snorble will grow with your child long after they meet them.

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