Although we expect Snorble® to have a large impact on families, we have taken great measures to ensure that both the production of Snorble and the product itself have a minimal impact on the environment. The following are just some of the steps we are taking and will take to make this happen:

Long-Lasting Design

Though it will not be obvious on the outside, we will implement special tools and fastening techniques to allow us to replace old parts with new ones without damaging the product. Efforts such as this allow us to return the product to secondary markets as a refurbished item, which gives Snorble a new lease on life and keeps them out of the landfill. Not only that, it also means Snorble can support even more families through a number of years.

Reusability and Recyclability

We have implemented a number of protocols and standards to ensure Snorble is both easily reused and recycled when necessary. For starters, we specify and use materials that feature a high post-consumer material content in the creation of each Snorble. Along with the efforts we mentioned above to extend Snorble’s lifespan, we have designed our packaging to double as its own useful toy, so that even it doesn't go straight into the trash.

When Snorble’s usability is diminished, our efforts to use materials within the same chemical family will help to make recycling Snorble’s parts easier.

Finally, we will follow the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive.

Sustainable Materials

In regard to the chemicals used in production, we require every supplier we work with to have a fully featured and comprehensive chemical test lab in order to double confirm that there are no unexpected or harmful chemicals in any of the materials we use to build Snorble. We will hold our materials’ supplier to the highest standards, and only purchase materials that can be chemically verified to be pure with no undesired additives.

We will follow and/or exceed all Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) regulations, so that no harmful substances are used in the assembly of our products.

Environmentally-Friendly Factories

All of our manufacturing facilities will be audited before and during production to be sure that all environmental rules are being followed. In fact, if we find that a supplier has failed to meet their pollution control obligations, we will use our influence to bring the supplier into compliance or locate a different supplier.