Discovering Snorble®

Snorble® is an interactive animated character brought to life to engage and capture a child’s imagination, while helping them develop healthy habits and improve their bedtime routine.

This lovable children’s buddy can support families with self-soothing sleep techniques and creates a calming nighttime environment through lights and soundscapes. Snorble engages with kids during the day by introducing them to yoga, meditation, and many other inspiring activities.

A Whole New Experience for Families

By blending proprietary neuro-linguistic processing and AI with entertainment and educational content, Snorble presents a magical experience in the ever-evolving world of Lullaboo™.

Girl Sleeping With Snorble® in Bed

Snorble is centered around the child the entire time, creating holistic experiences that champion health and wellness. Snorble can sing songs, play games, and will even learn a child’s name. We are starting with a focus on sleep as it is so important, yet highly overlooked, but expect much more as we move forward.

Team Snorble has extensive backgrounds in education, kid’s entertainment, children’s health, AI, animation, innovation, and consumer products at the likes of Disney, Nike, and Happiest Baby. The Snorble Advisory Board includes multiple PhDs in relevant fields and pioneers in robotics, research, child development, and finance, whose input has helped shape companies such as Apple, JPM, Medtronic, and Jibo.

Want to Know More About Snorble?

Snorble co-creator and CEO, Mike Rizkalla, is available for media interviews and media may request a Snorble so they can discover the magic of Lullaboo for themselves.

Please contact Snorble Public Relations Director Michael Preston:
781-363-0305 /