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    Snorble is an interactive companion created to engage with your child and promote the development of healthy habits.

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An engaging and intelligent buddy

An animated character brought to life, kids can hug, interact, and even share stories with Snorble!

A magical bedtime experience

With a focus on sleep, Snorble makes your child’s bedtime routine fun by gamifying the entire experience.

Healthy habits beyond bedtime

Snorble also engages with your child throughout the day with educational activities, games, and even yoga and meditation.

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See what Snorble can do!

Experts, Parents & Kids Love Snorble

"Based on my experience, I can confidently state that Snorble has the capacity to revolutionize the bedtime experience for children and parents."

Heather Modlin — PhD.

Experts, Parents & Kids Love Snorble

"Gaaaah! I can’t wait for this. I… I mean, my child can’t wait for this little [buddy]!"

Matt D. — Parent

Experts, Parents & Kids Love Snorble


Toni's daughter — 7-years-old

Experts, Parents & Kids Love Snorble

"My daughter has APD and sleep is always an issue. She is 6 and obsessed with robots almost as much as she is cats. Wish it was coming sooner!!!!"

Rachel T. — Parent

Experts, Parents & Kids Love Snorble

"[They are] telling me stories about rainbows in my dream!"

Katie's daughter — Almost 4-years-old

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does Snorble Only Read Bedtime Stories?

Snorble is more than just a bedtime story reader. We've created Snorble to support children in developing healthy habits that can benefit them throughout their day and at night, so there are numerous activities and other things based on suggestions and feedback from experts in child
development and other fields, as well as from our own experiences as parents.

Of course, all of this is customizable by you through the app, so you can choose exactly what Snorble does and does not do. We understand that parents know their children best, so we put you in control of deciding what will work.

For more info, please see our Features page.

2) Won’t My Child Be Up All Night Talking With Snorble?

We know how persistent kids can be, especially at night when they don’t want to sleep. So, that’s why you can customize just how much Snorble engages with them after your bedtime routine is complete. Rest assured, if you’d rather not have them asking “why?” all night, then there are options to keep that from happening!

3) Isn’t Snorble Just Another Screen?

For a number of reasons, we designed Snorble to be unlike many electronics. First, our little buddy doesn’t have a screen like conventional electronics, and we purposely designed it that way. Due to our innovative technology, we are able to ensure that Snorble emits little to no blue light, which means they don’t disrupt the secretion of melatonin prior to bedtime. In comparison to many other electronics, this is one of the many reasons why Snorble is well-suited to be a bedtime buddy for your child!

Second, Snorble actively engages with your child during the day. We haven’t created another screen for your child to get lost in. We’ve created an animated character that encourages mental and physical activity for your little one through educational activities, fun games, exercises promoting well-being, and conversation.

Most importantly, through encouraging self-improvement in your child, Snorble decreases the time you spend fighting bedtime battles so you can instead focus on positive family interactions such as story time, cuddling, and simply talking with your child.

4) Do You Offer a Trial Period?

Just like Snorble®, we want the best for your family. So, we will do what we can to make sure you are happy. Upon receiving Snorble, you will have a 30-day trial period to introduce our little buddy to your child. If there are any issues during this time, we will work with you to resolve them in the best way possible. The only thing we ask is that you are open and honest with us about your problem so that we can learn how to improve Snorble for others.

5) What are the Risks of Snorble Being Hacked?

Due in part to wanting the best for our own children, we made Snorble for our families as well as yours, and safety was one of our biggest concerns. We went to great lengths to ensure a system that can work stand-alone so that Snorble is safe to use for everyone. Your kids can take it outside, in the car, etc. It only needs to connect to the Internet for updates, which are done only when you approve them. Outside of that, Snorble does the majority of its functions within the standalone system itself, and the rest is done through the app on your phone. This way, Snorble isn’t online in the same way that so many other systems are, which helps to eliminate many of the common issues that lead to the news stories.